Beauty should be simple.


Our Beginning

Bikita Naturals was born to meet the need of those educated consumers in the natural health and beauty category demanding nothing but the best Shea Butter and Shea Butter products that are chemical free for their skin, hair and body.  Over the recent decades, the demand for Shea Butter in the international market has gone up exponentially and so has been the desire for the best-produced Shea Butter that has no foul odor, which has been a real put-off for some people. Bikita Naturals understands this. We have a unique opportunity to produce, not only the best, but the most desirable Shea Butter in the market today and we do.


Bikita High Quality Shea Butter is your skin's best friend! 


Our products are made with natural Shea butter, essential oils, natural ingredients and love. That's it.